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Catwoman redesign by CyanSoul Catwoman redesign :iconcyansoul:CyanSoul 38 14 Outworld Assassins by CyanSoul Outworld Assassins :iconcyansoul:CyanSoul 69 21 Jade (MKX) by CyanSoul Jade (MKX) :iconcyansoul:CyanSoul 24 0 Kitana (MKX) by CyanSoul Kitana (MKX) :iconcyansoul:CyanSoul 21 2 Mileena (MKX) by CyanSoul Mileena (MKX) :iconcyansoul:CyanSoul 43 5 Pretty Poison by CyanSoul Pretty Poison :iconcyansoul:CyanSoul 46 4 Mad Love by CyanSoul Mad Love :iconcyansoul:CyanSoul 43 0 Catwalk by CyanSoul Catwalk :iconcyansoul:CyanSoul 68 2 Arkham City Sirens by CyanSoul Arkham City Sirens :iconcyansoul:CyanSoul 116 2 Gotham Kirby Sirens by CyanSoul Gotham Kirby Sirens :iconcyansoul:CyanSoul 120 23 Poison Ivy Masquerade by CyanSoul Poison Ivy Masquerade :iconcyansoul:CyanSoul 39 13 Vicious Kitty by CyanSoul Vicious Kitty :iconcyansoul:CyanSoul 11 2 Sonic Kirbies by CyanSoul Sonic Kirbies :iconcyansoul:CyanSoul 660 180 MK Ninja Kirbies by CyanSoul MK Ninja Kirbies :iconcyansoul:CyanSoul 503 189 Catwoman Masquerade by CyanSoul Catwoman Masquerade :iconcyansoul:CyanSoul 130 18


Poison Ivy Fan Art by shibashake Poison Ivy Fan Art :iconshibashake:shibashake 145 23 batman villains with Japanese twist by shoze batman villains with Japanese twist :iconshoze:shoze 371 57 Mortal Kombat - Mileena by Kargonaute Mortal Kombat - Mileena :iconkargonaute:Kargonaute 170 17 Harley Quinn by SunKhamunaki Harley Quinn :iconsunkhamunaki:SunKhamunaki 286 12 Art Deco Harley Quinn by MyBeautifulMonsters Art Deco Harley Quinn :iconmybeautifulmonsters:MyBeautifulMonsters 99 7 Art Deco - Catwoman by MyBeautifulMonsters Art Deco - Catwoman :iconmybeautifulmonsters:MyBeautifulMonsters 79 23 Art Deco - Poison Ivy by MyBeautifulMonsters Art Deco - Poison Ivy :iconmybeautifulmonsters:MyBeautifulMonsters 58 4 Mileena Break Fasting Time! by r-chie Mileena Break Fasting Time! :iconr-chie:r-chie 255 37 Gold Mileena by jaeon009 Gold Mileena :iconjaeon009:jaeon009 197 7 Commish 134 FIN by RobDuenas Commish 134 FIN :iconrobduenas:RobDuenas 374 12 Commish 135 FIN by RobDuenas Commish 135 FIN :iconrobduenas:RobDuenas 476 19 Master Jade by Karosu-Maker Master Jade :iconkarosu-maker:Karosu-Maker 794 25 Lady Sith Tanya by Karosu-Maker Lady Sith Tanya :iconkarosu-maker:Karosu-Maker 918 25 Master Kitana by Karosu-Maker Master Kitana :iconkarosu-maker:Karosu-Maker 757 21 Sith Mileena by Karosu-Maker Sith Mileena :iconkarosu-maker:Karosu-Maker 905 24 Rain-Mortal Kombat by Grapiqkad Rain-Mortal Kombat :icongrapiqkad:Grapiqkad 252 11


Catwoman redesign
My take on one of my favourite girls in the world: Catwoman. Basically I wanted her to look practical and realistic while still retaining a sexy look. I have seen a fair share of realistic and practical Catwoman designs out there, but they often lack the beauty and the sexiness that often is a big part of this character's design. I tried to capture both here.  

So... no unzipped suit that would cause a wardrobe malfunction, and no high heels that prevent Catwoman from moving efficiently. On her back she has a small backpack where she puts her loot and where she keeps her gadgets (bolas, caltrops etc.). She has powerful claws both on her arms and on her feet as well as sturdy exoskeleton, which makes it possible for her to scale buildings (I hate the fact that she doesn't have claws on her feet in most of the designs out there). And although she might not have proper heels, she does have "spring heels". The spring gives her the ability to jump higher and longer. They also serve as shock absorbers when she lands after jumping from a considerable height (similar to "Portal").

Last, but not least, she has her whip wrapped around her waist hanging down from her back resembling a cat's tail (similar to her design in "The Batman" and "Injustice: Gods Among Us"). Catwoman is supposed to resemble a cat. Therefore it is only natural that she has some form of cat's tail. I hate the fact that there are so few designs out there that have her whip resembling a cat's tail.

You like this and want to add it to your favorites? Then please take your time to leave a comment as well! ;) (Wink)

Disclaimer: Catwoman is a character from the DC universe. This is merely fan art.          
Outworld Assassins
The three classic female assassins in the Mortal Kombat universe: Kitana, Mileena and Jade! :D (Big Grin)

They can also be found as individual drawings in my gallery

I was going to add Skarlet, but I'm far too busy at the moment to be able to do her. It's a shame, because I have the design ready in my head. I just need to get it down on paper :( (Sad) Oh well! Maybe I will do her in the future :) (Smile)

Disclaimer: The characters Kitana, Mileena and Jade belong to Netherrealm Studios. This is merely fan art of them
Jade (MKX)
As everyone knows Jade didn't appear in MKX, and no, this is not how she will look like in Kombat Pack 3. This is merely fan art and my own personal take on how the character should have looked like if she was in the game :) (Smile) 

I used her primary outfit from MK Deception for inspiration. The top and the cloth hanging from her waist are pretty much the same, except she now also has cloth hanging from her rear, thus hiding her panties.

furthermore, I decided to make her hair hazel in stead of black, because she originally had hazel hair in MK2 (and I think that far too many characters in MK have black hair). The braids are inspired by her hairdo in her secondary outfit from MK Deception, but done in a different way. I think that her hairdo in MK Deception was too juvenile and "cute" for a game like Mortal Kombat (and for a sexy and serious character like Jade), so I made the hairdo more sexy and fierce.

Overall I went for a tribal-inspired design for Jade to reflect her exotic skin tone. Which also explains why I made her bo staff into a spear. I figured she could still preform the same moves with a spear, but now it would be more lethal. Her knee pad armor are supposed to resemble jaguar heads (or cat heads in general) to add to the tribal look, and to reflect that her animality used to be a cat ;) (Wink)



All three:…

Disclaimer: The character Jade belongs to Netherrealm Studios. This is merely fan art of the character


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